How to Cancel Your Xfinity Service

how to cancel xfinity service
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Canceling your Xfinity service might seem daunting due to the potential for long wait times and upselling tactics. This guide will provide you with a straightforward approach to discontinuing your services with minimal hassle.


Whether you’re moving, switching providers, or simply cutting costs, canceling your Xfinity service requires some preparation to ensure a smooth transition. Understanding the process and what to expect can help alleviate some of the stress involved.

What You’ll Need

  • Xfinity account information
  • Personal identification
  • Access to a telephone or internet connection

Steps to Cancel Xfinity Service

Review Your Contract

  • Check for Early Termination Fees: Review your service agreement for any early termination fees (ETFs) that may apply if you are under a contract.
  • Understand the Terms: Be aware of the notice period required and the final billing cycle.

Prepare Your Account Information

  • Gather Account Details: Have your account number, associated phone number, and security PIN ready for verification purposes.
  • Decide on Cancellation Date: Choose a date to end service that aligns with your billing cycle to avoid extra charges.

Contact Xfinity Customer Service

  • Call Customer Service: Contact Xfinity at their official customer service number. Avoid peak hours to reduce wait times.
  • Use Online Chat: Alternatively, use the Xfinity online chat feature to speak with a representative.

Speak to a Retention Specialist

  • Express Your Intent: Clearly state your desire to cancel. Be prepared for potential offers or attempts to retain your business.
  • Stand Firm: Politely but firmly decline any offers if you are set on canceling.

Confirm Cancellation

  • Get Confirmation: Ask for a confirmation number or email to verify that your service will be canceled.
  • Return Equipment: Inquire about the process for returning any rented equipment, such as modems or routers.

Follow Up

  • Check Final Bill: Ensure that your account has been closed and that no additional charges are billed after your cancellation date.
  • Keep Records: Save all correspondence and confirmation numbers for future reference.

Alternatives to Xfinity Services

If you’re set on cancelling your Xfinity subscription and are looking for other providers or technologies, consider these alternatives based on your specific needs and availability in your area.

Streaming Services

For those mainly using Xfinity for cable TV, streaming services can be a more flexible and often cheaper alternative.

  • Popular Streaming Platforms: Consider services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video for a wide range of entertainment options.
  • Live TV Streaming: Platforms like YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Hulu + Live TV offer live channels and sports, serving as direct replacements for traditional cable services.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

If you’re looking for alternatives to Xfinity for internet service, research other ISPs in your area.

  • Fiber Optic Providers: Companies like Verizon Fios and Google Fiber offer high-speed internet services in certain areas, providing faster speeds and more reliable service compared to traditional cable internet.
  • DSL and Satellite Internet: Providers like AT&T (DSL) and HughesNet (satellite) offer widespread coverage, though speeds and reliability can vary.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is an alternative for those with lighter internet usage or no fixed broadband access.

  • Cellular Hotspots: Major cell phone providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T offer mobile hotspot devices with plans that can serve as home internet solutions in areas with strong cellular signals.
  • 5G Home Internet: As 5G technology expands, providers are offering 5G home internet services that provide competitive speeds and are simple to set up.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

If you’re using Xfinity for home phone services, VoIP can be a cost-effective alternative.

  • VoIP Providers: Services like Vonage, Ooma, and Google Voice offer affordable plans that only require a good internet connection.
  • Features: Many VoIP services come with advanced features like call forwarding, voicemail to email, and international calling at lower rates than traditional landline services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Xfinity service online?

Xfinity typically requires customers to call their customer service or use the online chat feature to cancel services, as this allows a retention specialist to offer alternatives or deals.

What are the consequences of early termination?

If you are under a contract, cancelling your Xfinity service early may result in an early termination fee (ETF). The amount depends on how many months are left in your contract and the terms outlined when you signed up.

How do I return Xfinity equipment?

After cancelling your service, you can return Xfinity equipment by mailing it back with a prepaid shipping label, dropping it off at an Xfinity store, or using a UPS Store for free packaging and shipping.

What should I do if I am billed after cancelling?

If you receive a bill after your service has been cancelled, contact Xfinity customer service immediately. Provide your cancellation confirmation number or email as proof to resolve the issue.

How long does it take for the cancellation to take effect?

The cancellation can be immediate, or you can schedule it for the end of your billing cycle. Be sure to specify your preferred end date when you contact customer service.

Can I temporarily suspend my Xfinity service instead of cancelling?

Yes, Xfinity offers an option to put your service on hold for a temporary period if you’re going on vacation or won’t need the service for another reason. This can be a good alternative to cancellation if you plan to resume services later.

What happens to my email account with Xfinity after I cancel?

Your Xfinity email account will typically remain active for 90 days after cancellation. Make sure to transfer or back up any important emails before this period expires.


Canceling Xfinity service requires clear communication and attention to detail. By preparing ahead and understanding the process, you can ensure that your cancellation goes as smoothly as possible.

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